Benefits of Vegetable and Soy Wax

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a natural and effective alternative to paraffin wax. It is a vegetable wax derived from soybean oil.

The process is simple: after harvesting, soybeans are cleaned, cracked, de-hulled and rolled into flakes. The oil is exacted from the flakes and then hydrogenated. The hydrogenation process converts a portion of the fatty acids in the oil from unsaturated to saturated. Hydrogenation dramatically alters the melting point of the oil, allowing soy candles to burn longer.

David Oreck Pure Air Candles use vegetable and soy wax to serve customers and the environment in producing a clean burning home odor solution.

What are the benefits of soy wax candles?

Soy wax is a natural and renewable resource. The wax is biodegradable and easily cleaned with soap and water. Soy wax candles have a lower melting point than paraffin wax candles. Therefore, soy candles burn slower and longer than paraffin candles.

Oreck Pure Air Candles, made from soy wax, burn 35% longer than other waxes. Furthermore, soy wax candles burn with zero petro soot creating a clean soot free candle. The lower melting point of soy candles allows for a larger liquid wax pool around the candles wick itself. It is this liquid wax pool and the wick itself that allows for a great dispersion of essential oils to evaporate into the room.

See and smell the difference yourself with Pure Air soy candles or scented wax cubes!